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Save The Girls
Such an imbalance in the demographic matrix of a country did not appear overnight. Its causes run deep down in the collective consciousness of a populace. This apathy towards the birth of a baby girl, how far back does it go in History? The status of women in early Indian society was an enviable one. They could avail of the highest learning and there were many seers and philosophers among them. Ghosha, Apala, Lopamudra, Vishwvara, Surya, Indrani, Yami, Romasha – all these names highlight the position and the esteem which women enjoyed in the Vedic period. As far as the history of ordinary womenfolk goes, their position on the whole was free. Girls were normally not married till they were in their late teens and sometimes even later. They had a fair amount of choice in the selection of a mate, which is evidenced by the – then prevalence of the “swayamvara-system”. The cases of Sita, Damayanti, Draupadi, Shakuntala are instances of the choice women enjoyed in choosing their husbands.

In post independent India, the Indian woman has improved her social status considerably. Her legal disabilities with regard to marriage, inheritance, guardianship and adoption have been removed.
She inherits, by right, the property of her father on the basis of equality with her brothers.Things are quite as they should be at least on paper but the question remains as to whether it is the same in practice, whether she herself actively contributes to creating and maintaining this perception of girls as only second best? There is an undeniable prevalent perception that the girl is not expected to add to the family income or financially support her parents in their old age. So the girl’s education is secondary to that of a boy. In modern India, however, girls are educated at par with boys at least in the upper, upper-middle and middle classes. But, wonder of wonders, I am told that the degrees and diplomas that many, if not all, of these girls earn help to make their marriage prospects better! So it is commonplace even today to find Indian girls with Master’s and PhD’s, Engineering and Accounting qualifications not in any active profession! It is understandable if a woman wants to take a break from her career post child-birth and return a few years later.

IDHC Socity is an registered NGO working for the cause of the under privieldged children, above 17yrs orphan, around 20 girls are taken care, with all facility, FOOD, DRESS, EDUCATION, ACCOMODATION ALL FREE OF COST, THOUGH WE HAVE 80g tax benefit, and 12a.

We have not tied up for any CSR activity under any corporates, please feel free to contact the director for admission , or for donation, or one time food expenses towards the girlchild, until the child becomes independent, training is provided free, for candle making, chewda, agarbatti, papad and many more items, please help us to help them, another 25 more chilkdren are being trnasferrred thru CHILD WELFARE COMMITEE, lets eradicate poverty and girl abuse, lets work together and work with mission with vision