Supporting projects that improve attitudes and behaviour towards disabled people...

About Us
IDHC Society is an Indian Non-Governmental Organization registered under Society Act that has been carrying forward its mission in India.
The aim of IDHC Society is to empower peoples by providing them with literacy, education and awareness programs to create better society. The organization is working to provide the underprivileged of the society with equal opportunities of learning in the formative years of their lives in addition to engaging students of public and private schools in various health education initiatives.

To further its vision, IDHC Society has also been actively involved in conducting training workshops for primary, middle and senior school children as well as teachers. These workshops have addressed important health related issues such as stress and sexual awareness. IDHC Society has also undertaken prestigious projects with schools in Delhi Through all of its efforts, IDHC Society is proud to have impacted the lives of over 4,00,000 students across India

We welcome supporters to visit any of the IDHC Society supported child development initiatives.